How To Upgrade Premium Moodle Themes ?
All themes now fully compatible with moodle 3.11, 4.x

How To Upgrade Premium Moodle Themes

Moodle is a constantly evolving system. Our themes are regularly updated to keep up with this pace. New features, bug fixes, or adaptations to new moodle versions are being worked on.

We will share with you the steps you need to follow when you buy our moodle themes.

Will I lose my theme settings and configurations when after updating?

You won’t lose any theme settings when updating our themes. When you update our themes, your Moodle configuration is 100% safe. We test each update before releasing it. However, if you modified theme or block source files directly, make sure not to overwrite these files during the update, or patch the new files with your previous changes.

To update your theme, simply follow these steps:
  • Navigate to → Site administration > Appearance > Themes > Theme Selector > Chance the theme > Select Boost Theme
  • Navigate to → Site administration > Plugins > Install plugins > Then upload theme ZIP file.
  • Check your moodle site version and make sure the theme you are trying to upload to the server is compatible with your moodle. If not, you need to properly update your Moodle site first.
  • Please don’t forget to clear the cache this is an important step after your changes on Moodle.
    Navigate to → Site administration > Development > Purge all cache
  • Then, Navigate to → Site administration > Appearance > Themes > Theme selector > Choose the theme you upgraded.


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